If you plan to go to Cartagena.. Step inside the Volunteer Hostel. Trust us, it will change your travel!

Stay at a wonderful VOLUNTEER HOSTEL in Cartagena and discover this amazing city through the eyes of the ones helping this environment!


FEM Volunteer Hostel in Cartagena

From the NINHA project which is promoting Zenú traditions by selling hand-woven baskets that have been turned into stylish lamps,

To the CAFE Stepping Stone, connecting Cartagena’s vulnerable youth with quality employment opportunities,

FEM Foundation (Fundación por la Educación Multidimensional) develop incredible sustainable projects with indigenous and afro communities.


Why and How FEM started?

Colombia is one of the 5 most unequal countries in the world and a part of this inequality is caused by our small capacity to create shared visions and work together for ​them.


little girl walking in one of the Afro Indigenous neighbourhood

That’s why, 9 years ago, we created our non-profit organization, FEM.

Here people from ​diverse backgrounds ​can ​work​ ​to ​make ​the ​our ​dreams ​come ​to ​life ​together.

We chose to prioritize indigenous people and people of african descent for two reasons:
1. In Colombia, rural and urban ethnic populations, especially women, are the poorest ​of ​the ​poor
2. Afros and indigenous peoples have a huge package of rights and resources to develop, but their real problem is access to this information about their rights due to lack ​of ​technical ​skills ​and ​appropriate  education.


Our mission is to build bridges for the creation of win-win scenarios that will improve ​the ​lives ​of ​afro-descendants ​and ​indigenous ​people.


Cafe Stepping Stone – Connecting Cartagena’s vulnerable youth with quality employment opportunities in Getsemaní

NINHA PROJECT – Promoting Zenú traditions by selling hand-woven baskets that have been turned into stylish lamps

Our ​projects ​aims ​five ​differents ​dimensions:
– Governance: ​Competencies ​for ​self-government
– Habitat: ​Relationship ​between ​people’s ​life ​and ​the ​environment
– Heritage: ​Self-recognition ​and ​appreciation ​of ​one’s ​culture
– Entrepreneurship: ​Economic ​sustainability ​(TRAKTI)
– Ubuntu: ​Ability ​to ​create ​a ​shared ​vision ​and ​work​ ​for ​it

VOLUNTEER HOSTEL – Your decision to stay in this hostel generates a real, tangible, and sustainable impact in the Cartagena community because 20% of the income goes directly to finance the operation and expansion of FEM’s projects

BOROMIA – Catering Service by a group of Women from “El Pozón” Neighborhood, a vulnerable area in Cartagena



How could you help their mission?

Most of our work is a field work, and in a really difficult conditions ( too much sun and warm, no light, no roads, flooding areas.. ) so we need your help to provide to the ​field ​team ​materials ​according ​to ​this ​conditions, ​to ​achieve ​our ​mission:

If ​would ​be ​amazing ​if ​you ​could ​help ​us ​with:
– 10 ​Headlights
– 10 ​Raincoats ​(XXL ​and ​XL ​size)
– 10 ​Reflective ​vests
– 10 ​Rope ​backpack ​bag
– 4 ​Trekking ​sandals ​(one ​38 ​size, ​two ​39 ​size ​and ​one ​40 ​size)
– 4 ​Long ​but ​fresh ​hiking ​trousers ​(M, ​L, ​XL ​and ​XXL ​Size)

Check ​all ​the ​details ​about ​our ​work​ ​at ​

Thank ​you ​very ​much ​for ​your ​help!!


Contact FEM  via Bagshare Social


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