Name. Anna 
Age. 29 years old
City of departure. Barcelona, Spain. 
ONG visited. FEM Cartagena, Colombia.
Items brought. 10 raincoats and 1 headlight. 

Anna and FEM volunteers wearing the raincoats brought.!! 🙂

What motivated you to be part of Bagshare?
“I have been dreaming about travelling to Colombia for a long time and therefore I wanted to make it special,  not the typical tourist trip. I was looking to add a social component to it but I was only there for 3 weeks and with plans to travel within the country. So unfortunately I had no time to do volunteering work.”

“When I first heard of Bagshare, I saw the opportunity to help a social organisation while travelling. The time dedicated to collect the items was done prior to my holidays, after that, I just needed the space in my bag and to fly there.”

Why helping FEM ?
“I brought 10 Raincoats and 1 Headlight to FEM (Fundación por la Educación Multidimensional) in Cartagena as they contacted me directly through the website, shortly after I published my profile and trip to Colombia.
Therefore I had a look into what they were achieving and I really liked the innovative ways they were using to help the local communities.”

NINHA project -Promoting Zenú traditions by selling hand-woven baskets that have been turned into stylish lamps

How did you collect the items ?
“I collected the items from my Batucada band and work colleagues. In the end, they even followed my trip and became some kind of support in Colombia during my journey.”
What added to your trip Bagshare’s experience?
“It added the social and human component; by myself I was only a regular backpacker, a regular tourist. The meet up with FEM showed me how a social project can have such an impact in a place with huge inequalities like Cartagena. I could see not only “the other face” of the city but it made me change my mind about a place, renown for inequalities and where the poorest are hidden from the eyes of the tourists. Staying with FEM was showing a situation of hope and care amongst people.”

FEM Volunteer Hostel in Cartagena

How did the delivery of the donations go?
“It was very special because on the first day I stepped in one of the iniciatives FEM had, which is The Volunteers Hostel. There, I met part of FEM’s staff and some other volunteers, on that day there was an event where they explained to us about the political situation in Colombia and we had the opportunity to share our different opinions and points of view. On the second day we went to meet the women from one of their partner association NINHA;  all of them are artisans, part of the Zenú Indigenous Community.  It was just at the end of my stay that I remembered about the Raincoats and headlight and we took the pictures with the volunteers using them (even with the 38 degrees of Cartagena haha).  They were very happy with my donations but in the end, I truly think that the most important was the connection that it generated.”

Indigenous women from the Zenu community with NINHA project

Could you let us know one of your take away?
“During the two days I participated in the activities of FEM I could meet people from Cartagena, Bogotá, France, Basque country, EEUU and myself, from Czech Republic, all of us from different backgrounds, races and even continents, working together and cooperating towards the same goal, with the same eager to make things better. This experience helped me take a step back from a system which teaches us to compete all the time and that work is only related with money.
Would you reccomend Bagshare to your friends?
“Yes I would, one and a thousand times !
It allows you to meet diverse social causes and to see the other side of places, countries and regions that you normally can’t experience as a regular tourist. You can also  contribute to the development of social causes, even when you just have a little time. It only needs a bit of  space in your bag and your willingness to help others.

“Bagshare gives us a beautiful message about the importance of sharing the resources that everyone has and help others where they most need support.”

Read our post regarding FEM activities  

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